Alert: Kilauea Volcano Eruption Spreads Again, Sends 'Lava Bombs' 500 Feet In The Air The eruption of the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island continues, having now created 19 fissures in the eastern rift zone among housing subdivisions near the island's southeastern corner. One of the newest fissures has been seen tossing "spatter bombs" of lava distances of up to 500 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. At least three dozen structures have already been damaged or destroyed by lava from the fissures, which began opening up over ten days ago in the Leilani Estates neighborhood of Puna. A USGS webcam caught the below shot of debris or spatter being flung from the Pu?u ?O?o Crater in the eastern rift zone. Read more:
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